Monday, February 16, 2009

Seabase Alpha Layout

As mentioned in previous posts, I really enjoyed The Living Seas concept of Seabase Alpha that existed prior to the current Nemo and Seas incarnation. From the Jules Verne-esque and sea exploration memorabilia that was displayed throughout the queue, to the great "deluge" film and the seacabs, it was truly an experience to visit Seabase Alpha. As with everything at Disney, there is a great backstory to the pavilion when it was The Living Seas. You were truly being transported to an actual underwater research facility where people lived and worked. The above map gives a sampling of all the different areas of the facility and really shows just how rich in story that the pavilion was in those days. While many of the areas of the above map still serve the same purposes, the story of the underwater research facility has been peeled away and you are now immersed in the world of Nemo and his friends.

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