Monday, September 29, 2008

Dreamcatcher's uh, Dream Catcher

This photo from the original Journey Into Imagination features the vehicle that we first see Dreamcatcher and Figment on the attraction. This is a very Jules Verne inspired contraption. The father of science fiction also had an influence on a part of the Horizons attraction where an audio-animatronic figure was even made of him. When thinking about it he also inspired parts of the Living Seas and probably countless other ideas in Future World. I'll look at some of these other Verne-inspired ideas in later posts.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Leaving a Legacy

Just a quick comment about the Leaving a Legacy monoliths in Future World. I sorely miss the old fountain and open areas in the plaza in front of Spaceship Earth. I think the Leaving a Legacy plans were a good idea in thought but the look was very wrong for Epcot. Looking at the rest of Future World, water and green spaces are prominent. The one place this isn't true is the Leaving a Legacy area now. Hopefully one day this area will be restored.

Friday, September 19, 2008

World of Motion

I believe that World of Motion was only open the first time I went to Disney, and maybe twice, but as I was only eight on that first visit I really don't remember much about the attraction. I do really love the futuristic look of the pavilion, and there was one distinct part of the attraction that I remember. The cool way that after you loaded onto the omnimover vehicle it actually went outside the show building before going back in as seen above. I thought that was so cool and looked so futuristic that I guess it overtook any other real memories I have of World of Motion. I enjoy Test Track now, but I don't think it has the same futuristic look that World of Motion had.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This shot was taken on a rainy night at Epcot last year. Even in the gloom of the Florida rain the pyramids of the Imagination pavilion are still a wonderful sight. The main attraction in the pyramid has now gone through a couple of changes and the current incarnation "Journey Into Imagination with Figment" has suffered some criticism. Yes, while this isn't the original incarnation it's a lot better than the last version and has become one of my family's favorites at Epcot. After all, when at Disney cares should disappear and everyone should be a kid. That advice helps to enjoy this ride fully. While hardly ever a long queue for this ride, it is one that can be enjoyed in rain or shine and mulitple times.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


When one thinks of old attractions at Epcot, Horizons, World of Motion, and the Wonders of Life pavillions often come to mind first. However, the one that as time has passed seems to be the most missed by me is CommuniCore. Off the top of my mind I would probably say I miss Horizons the most, but the more I remember, and the more pictures I see I think I may miss CommuniCore even more. For the younger audience and those that didn't visit Epcot before the mid '90's Innoventions now exists where CommuniCore is and there are not many similarities between the two.

CommuniCore was divided between the two Innoventions buildings and consisted of restaurants, exhibits and perhaps one of the greatest shops in Disney park history, the Centorium. The above shot of the CommuniCore area at night makes me remember fond childhood memories of family trips to Disney. The buildings were much more open than they are now and helped convey the vast expanse of the park. The exhibits where immersive and educational while maintiaing a sense of Disney entertainment.

CommuniCore was a true Main Street equivalent for EPCOT Center. With restaurants like the Stargate Restaurant and Sunrise Terrace to the Centorium and a drink station called Beverage Base, the area had that futuristic almost sci-fi feel to it that I loved. If you get the chance visit the website Lost Epcot (link is to the left) and also listen to the CommuniCore show on Lou Mongello's WDW Radio Show (link also at the left) for a complete and wonderful look back at CommuniCore.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Norway's Stave Church

An often overlooked exhibit at Epcot is the Vikings exhibit inside the old Stave church in the Norway pavilion. While everyone sees the beautiful exterior of the church, many often just admire the architecture and walk on past as they proceed to Maelstrom or to the Akershus restaurant. Next time you get a chance to visit Norway make sure to visit the inside exhibit here. It's a cool, quiet break from the crowds and there are beautiful Viking artifacts and historical facts to enjoy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vintage Land

The Land in Epcot's Future World has always been a pavilion in the true sense of the word ever since the park opened. It doesn't just contain one attraction and maybe a pre-show, but has always had a few attractions, eateries, and merchandise available to buy. Today the pavilion is know and well-liked for the location of Soarin' inside of it. Soarin' is one of my top five attractions in all of WDW. However, after stumbling upon the picture of this tray, I recalled a time when The Land pavilion was less crowded but still an entertaining and informative area. I enjoyed and still do enjoy the Living with the Land boat ride. The Circle of Life film which was preceded by the Symbiosis film is a nice relaxing diversion from the Florida heat. But perhaps the best of these old Land attractions was the singing audio-animatronic food shows, first Kitchen Kabaret, and then Food Rocks. These were always entertaining if not somewhat corny (sorry, had to say it). The audio-animatronics were excellent and the tunes stuck in the head.

I think that The Land is an ideal pavilion to look at as far as how Epcot should be managed. Yes, there were great old attractions that started to show age and these were replaced by new attention grabbing attractions (Soarin') that also helped pump new enthusiasm into old favorites (Living with the Land). The Sunshine Seasons food area has excellent options and The Garden Grill is perhaps my favorite character meal at WDW. Make sure to explore all that The Land has to offer next time you're at WDW.